Your Guide To Charter Spectrum Internet Installation

If your friend or your neighbor is telling you to get your Spectrum Internet connection installed through a professional by calling Spectrum Customer Service,, helpline. Since, having to do it yourself is a very difficult and tedious task, one that you are highly likely to get wrong, and then let us tell you that you, my friend, have nothing to worry about. Getting the Charter Spectrum Internet equipment installed is rather just a time-consuming task, which you may learn about by going through the article below. 

Self-Installing Charter Spectrum Internet Services

Individuals who opt for hiring a professional to come over and install their internet connection for them either don’t have the time to do it themselves did not get the right level of guidance to do it themselves or just have too much money in their pockets that they feel the need to not save up. Harsh? 

Well, we can’t help it because the self-installation procedure is not difficult but if you completely believe that you are not a tech-savvy person, then sure, opt for a professional to come in but if you think you might be able to do it, then go ahead and look below for some pro tips, ways, and some guidance to self-install your Charter Spectrum Internet connection. 

Keep in mind that the current coronavirus situation is still far from handled, the person that will be coming into your house to set up the system might be infected or maybe a carrier. With a virus that is as invisible as the Covid-19, it is indeed better to at least give self-installation a chance. Be Safe!!!

Contents Of The Self-Installation Kit

Since the company directly handles the contents of the kits, you know that everything that you need for the process from start to finish is already present in the kit apart from a few basic tools like a screwdriver. Go through the contents and if you still feel like the company is missing out on something, then call on the Charter Spectrum Customer Service helpline and get the answer straight from a company representative.

  1. Two Power Cable
  2. A Modem
  3. Coaxial Cable
  4. An Introductory Guide With A Set Of Instructions
  5. Wi-Fi Router 
  6. An Ethernet Cable

Note that when you receive or get a hold of the self-installation kit, check for all the contents to be present in the kit otherwise contact the Charter Spectrum Customer Service representative as soon as possible.

Ordering Your Charter Spectrum Self-Installation Kit

This step is the easiest but might take a lot of willpower if you are one of the people who are afraid of doing anything that involves tech, then just take a deep breath and order it.

You can apply for the self-installation kit by simply logging on to the Charter Spectrum webpage or by directly calling the Charter Spectrum Customer Service number. 

On the off chance that you have already placed an order for the kit but are yet to receive it or if you have indeed received the kit but when you look into it you see that an item is missing, then simply call on the helpline and get in touch with a representative.

Doing It Yourself

These simple yet easy steps will allow you to get your internet connection all set up and started in just a few short minutes.

  • Connect the modem and the cable outlet with the coaxial cable that was included in the self-installation kit.
  • Connect the power cable and then wait for it to start or power-up. This often takes up a few minutes so don’t panic if you don’t get instant results. The online indicator will turn into a solid color when the process is done.
  • Make a connection between the modem and the wireless router by using the Ethernet cable.
  • Connect the router to a power source through the power cable. The router will essentially take some 8 to 10 minutes before powering up. You need to wait till you see a solid green-colored light, the moment you see it you’ll be set.
  • Setting it up; the moment the solid green color hits, you can simply just look at the back of the router that you have for the Wi-Fi key and network name and that is about it. Enjoy!

How To Activate Your Charter Spectrum Internet Services

After the last step, you simply just need to connect your computer to the network and open up a web browser. This will direct you automatically to the Charter Spectrum Internet activation page. 

In case that does not happen, simply contact the customer service representative and seek their guidance.

Is Self-Installation Meant For You?

Well at the end of this, you need to ask yourself one simple question. Do you think that you are up for the task? Simply put, self-installation is not hard but we can understand that some people are just more comfortable with having a professional with ample experience handling the process.