Why Wii is Still the Best Game Console on the Market

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The first Wii console was launched in 2006. To this day it is still both popular and fun to play on Wii. It has some of the most legendary games – from both other universes and its own WII and MII games. Electronic games are generally increasing in popularity and have even moved from homes to the big and professional arenas where fans and viewers are watching with interest and betting on the matches. 

There are many reasons why Wii is still widely thought of as the best game console on the market. Wii is mostly played for fun at home, and people are even looking for Wii Emulators for Windows

Create your own Mii

When WII launched, it opened for the opportunity to create Mii characters. This is an avatar you can customize to look like you or any of your friends and family. The Mii-room is already installed on your Wii console, and creating an avatar is super simple and fun! You can choose between different facial features and make the avatars look quite special. Or you can make it look exactly like you with clothes, hair, and skin color. The Mii’s can be used in the different games on your Wii, for example, the Wii sports and WIII.

Play sports

The Wii sports games are fun for the entire family and can even be a good workout. You can play many different sports, for example, golf, boxing, and tennis. In the Wii Resort game, you can play tropical sports in luxurious surroundings. If you would like to make the activity a bit further, you can also buy a Wii Fit that tracks weight for workout purposes. With more than one console, you can even play the games together as your Mii characters. Try to beat each other’s scores!

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Enjoy the classic games

While the Wii games are fun, you can also enjoy the more classic games, such as Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart. In the first game, Mario’s girlfriend Princess Peach has been captured, and it is up to you to defeat the Bowsers and save her. You can play as Mario, Luigi, and the yellow and blue version of Toad. In Mario Kart, you can choose what character you want to be from the universe, or form your Mii’s, and race the other players. Winning the tournaments will unlock new and more difficult tracks.

Professional gaming

While most people play games on Wii and other consoles for fun, others are taking gaming onto a professional level. This is what is called E-sport where the e stands for electronic. Some of the most popular games are Fortnite, Counter-Strike, and DOTA. Many of these are FPS games, or First-Person Shooter, and are often played on PlayStation. What previously has been viewed as a hobby, is now taking place in large championships and tournaments on a professional level. 

There is also a grand prize that waits for the winning team, often a big sum of money. Since E-sports have become so popular, people are betting on E-sport to make the matches even more exciting. This is done online through betting sites and apps. Betting is popular in almost every sport but has become especially popular in E-sport as the games usually find one winning team or player. This is one of many reasons why E-sports have become a popular betting sport. 


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