Top NDS Emulators for iPhone in 2020

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Nintendo was certainly one of the most popular game consoles and still is to this day. With multiple forms of the console available, one of the most used was the Nintendo DS, the dual-screen handheld console. But having to carry it around with you everywhere is nothing short of annoying, but now you don’t have to. Now you can play your favorite NDS game roms on your iPhone or iPad.

How? By using one of the game emulators, we’re going to talk about here. Game emulators provide you with the means to play games that Apple doesn’t support, although, at one time, a jailbreak was the only way to get one on your iPhone or iPad. That is no longer a requirement, so read on and find out how you can use these cool NDS emulator apps.

Top NDS Emulators for 2020

Quite a few emulator apps exist, but these are the four best ones for playing NDS games on. They are all free, all easy and fast to download onto your iPhone or iPad, and none of them rely on a jailbreak to work. You can download all of these emulators from Dive in and see what we’ve got:


iNDS is one of the most popular, offering support for many NDS games. It works on all iOS devices on iOS 7 or higher, includes a browser to help you find your games, and has Dropbox support for easy game recovery when things go wrong. An auto-save feature means you can always start where you last left off, and the app offers plenty of in-app customizations. It is perfectly safe to use and provides access to hundreds of different NDS games, some in-app, and others that you can download.


HappyChick is a very popular emulator app, indeed, given that it offers support for more than 18 different game consoles. Among those is, of course, the Nintendo DS, and it provides access to hundreds of games. It works on all Apple iOS devices from iOS 10 and up and uses cloud servers for hosting games and downloads. It supports online multiplayer gaming, one-click play for any game on any platform, and you can even record gameplay and share it with your friends over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


NDS4iOS offers much the same as iNDS. You can play pretty much any NDS game you want as it offers one of the largest gaming choices of any emulator app anywhere. It works on iOS 7 or higher, offers cloud hosting and game-saving, in-app customizations, one-click play, and much, much more. It offers one of the best Nintendo gaming experiences, not on a console, with realistic graphics and an environment similar to the DS.

Delta Emulator

Our final choice is the Delta emulator. With support for any device on iOS 10 or above, it offers a choice of customized game skins, support for MFi controllers, and split-screen on the iPad. Cloud servers are used for syncing, saving, and downloading your games, and there is even support for cheat codes. With a built-in browser, you can find any NDS game you want and add it to Delta. Airplay support is provided, along with support for WarioWare Twisted, and a whole lot more besides.

How to Add Games

Some emulators come with a few games installed, but most require you to add your own. The easiest way to do this is to use the built-in browser in the emulator app.

  1. Open the emulator app and tap the browser search box
  2. Type the name of the game you want into the box
  3. When the web results come up, ONLY download your game ROM from a reputable source
  4. Once downloaded, it will be in your emulator app.

How to Fix Untrusted Developer Error

Another issue you may face when you try to use these emulator apps is the Untrusted Developer error. This is Apple telling you they do not know the developer and, therefore, cannot trust them. You can and its dead simple to do:

  1. Open your iOS Settings app
  2. Go into General and tap on Profiles & Device Management
  3. Find the developer name in the list of profiles – the name appears on the error message
  4. Tap on it and tap the Trust button
  5. Close Settings, try opening the app again, and the error will be gone.

Emulator apps have always been popular, even when the only way to install them was via a jailbreak. Now you don’t need to jailbreak, and all of these emulator apps are available for all iOS users. And because they are all free to use, and all are safe, there is nothing to lose by trying them.

Give them a go and see how you get on. If you think we missed a great NDS emulator off the list, d let us know.


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