Top 5 Tips and Tricks for New Players in LOST ARK

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Arkesia is a vast land with uncountable possibilities, including your death. Don’t be scared; you also have equal chances at victory – you need the right pieces of information. Lost Ark is a game where a lot happens at once and might make you feel lost initially.

We want to reduce the chances of you losing it due to the game’s complex nature. So, we have put together some tips to help you avoid the mistakes we made while just starting the game. Lost Ark aimbot also offers some cheats to help you easily get along on the game.

5 tips and tricks for beginners in Lost Ark

  1. Killing won’t get you anywhere fast

Lost Ark is not like COD, where you get bonuses for kills and loot your fallen opponent’s corpse. You may get some Experience points, but they’re ridiculously too small to consider. You can kill all the enemies you come across without moving your experience level higher.

Instead of benefits, you’ll receive damage or damage to your gear. Unnecessary fights can also deplete your health faster than anything in the game. You can better utilize this time hunting down creatures or learning how to fish.

  1. Farm for silver

You can consider silver as your ticket to all the goodies available in Lost Ark, and you’ll need tons of it. Some of the things you’ll need silver for include purchasing weapons, acquiring pieces of equipment, and accessing different services in the game.

One of the places you can get silver from is the Cube Dungeon. Cube Dungeons task players with climbing their way up to different floors and get rewarded at the end of each floor. You can also kill the mini-bosses found in Chaos dungeons and get the silver they drop at death. Una’s daily tasks can also fetch you some silver on completion.

  1. Use Potions and Feathers sparingly.

Many new players on Lost Ark are deceived into wasting their potions, and Phoenix plumes too early in the game. Despite having these items for free at the beginning of your game, they’re to be spared for much later. Just so you know, they’re difficult to craft or farm.

The best situations where you’ll be grateful you had these items on you are when you’re up against bosses or playing in dungeons. Use your potions when you run low on health while fighting a boss. Feathers can come in if you get killed before you succeed in killing the boss. They’ll help you resurrect with full health right at the spot and finish your fight.

  1. Get aids to help you travel faster.

You’ll need to explore the map and do that as fast as possible. Your feet won’t do half as much as you can achieve on a Mount or the popular Triport. Mounts are available to players right after the game’s prologue. For quick and easy access, we recommend placing it on your Hotbar.

Triports don’t come that easy as they will cost you some of that precious silver. This is nothing to be worried about as there are many ways by which you can get silver in the game. Some ways to get silver include exchanging Sylmael Bloodstones and in Chaos Dungeons.

  1. All quests are important.

Some inexperienced players in Lost Ark stay deeply engrossed in the Main Quest that they may not even notice Guide Quests. You’ll get the most benefits, such as big XPs, and an introduction to new characters, gameplay mechanics, and regions. 

However, you’ll also need the goodies that come with Guide Quests. You’ll unlock more and more Guide Quests as you progress in the Main Quest. Guide Quests will help you learn important game features such as sailing or using pets.


You don’t want to get lost in Lost Ark’s land of Arkesia. To help you explore the map faster, Lost Ark also has several means by which players can easily traverse the map to different locations. 

However, you should note that you can only use Triports for locations in the same continent. Aside from the main quests available in the game, you’ll also need guide quests and the benefits of completing them. Farm for as much silver as you can, and never run out of potions or Phoenix plumes.


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