Top 10 Gaming Emulator Apps for iPhone in 2020

If you’re looking for a way to play your favorite game console games on your iPhone and iPad, look no further. Although Apple doesn’t support anything other than iOS games, by using a game emulator, you can play your favorite PlayStation, Nintendo, PPSSPP, and many more, games on your device. While jailbreaking was the only you could use these apps, things have changed, and now everyone can use them.

Top 10 Emulator Apps for iOS:

There are loads to choose from, so we came up with 10 that offer a wide range of console support. All are free to download and use, and none of them need a jailbreak. You can download these emulators from


GBA4iOS offers an iOS gaming experience for one of the most popular game consoles, the Gameboy. Using this emulator, you can enjoy retro games, such as the Super Mario Bros games, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Pokémon, and many more. It is supported on the iPhone and iPad on iOS 7 or higher and offers tons of cool features and an easy way to enjoy your favorite games.


Another Nintendo emulator, iNDS, offers the ability to play DS games. For those of you who loved your handheld Nintendo, this is the perfect app. With Dropbox support, Auto-save feature,  and cloud hosting, several in-app customizations, and compatibility with all iOS devices up to and including iOS 13, it is one of the more comprehensive emulator apps.


iSSB emulator is something a little different. It is for one game only – Super Smash Bros. It is in beta at the moment, but it still offers plenty of features, including a choice of six characters, multiplayer support using Bluetooth, Training Mode, Group Mode,  and five separate stages to play through.

Eclipse Emulator

Eclipse offers a modern games experience that supports Gameboy gaming, including the GBA, GBC, and NES console games. It also supports SNES gaming, although this is in an experimental phase right now. The app has a choice of interface skins, Google Drive integration, and plenty more cool features; the developers are also planning to add support for more consoles in the future.


A frontend app for emulators, media players, and game engines, RetroArch is a little different. It is easy to use, and provides an easy way to organize and play your favorite games. It supports common joypads, the ability to record your gameplay, and take advantage of the huge library that is constantly being updated. You can add cheats, enjoy multiplayer gaming, and a whole lot more.


Another Nintendo game emulator, SNES4iOS offers NES gaming on the iPhone and iPad. It provides a huge library with plenty of retro games and plenty of new ones too. It works on iOS 7 or above and offers features such as one-click play, multiplayer gaming, save states, Auto-save, and many others.


HappyChick is one of the best emulators because it doesn’t just support one console. There is support included for more than 18, including the PPSSPP, PS1, Nintendo, and lots more. It is on-click play – regardless of platform, simply click the game you want and play it. You can record your gameplay and share it, take advantage of cloud hosting, and lots more.


The PSP console is the PlayStation Portable, an incredibly popular console. Now, with the PPSSPP emulator, you can play your favorite PSP games, and you get better graphics than you do on the console. You can choose HD on larger iOS devices, full-screen mode, and you get customizable on-screen controllers. There is support for external controllers, and it works on all devices on iOS 7 or above.


Another very different type of emulator, GC4iOS, is the only way to play Nintendo GameCube and Wii games on your iPhone and iPad. There are no games included, you do need to add your own, but this is easy enough to do. It also supports Gameboy Color gaming, support for compressed ZIP, ROM, and RAR files, high-quality sound, Memory Bank for storage, and much more, and it works on all devices up to and including iOS 13.

Provenance Emulator

Provenance emulator is another multi-console emulator app. It provides support for more than 18 consoles, including PlayStation, GBA, PPSSPP, Nintendo, and many more. It does require a minimum of 2 GB RAM to get the best out of it, though. You get a choice of retro and new gaming, thousands on offer, the ability to record your gameplay, share it with others, and you get one-click gaming. Multiplayer gaming is also supported, along with loads of other features.

There you have it, 10 of the very best emulator apps that offer a fantastic gaming experience. These are the only way you can get your best console games on your iPhone or iPad, so dive in and enjoy everything on offer.