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Gameboy Advance ROMs

Game Title Rating Dowloads
Mario & Luigi – Superstar Saga0/5382656
Mario Golf – Advance Tour0/5 43,149
Mario Golf – Advance Tour (Eurasia)0/5 298
Mario Golf – Advance Tour0/5 10,178
Mario Golf – Advance Tour0/5 1,292
Mario Vs. Donkey Kong0/534090
Mario Vs. Donkey Kong0/5 1,59,854
Marvel Ultimate Alliance0/525489
Everything Or Nothing0/5 12,318
Mario And Luigi RPG0/5 8,279
Mario And Luigi Superstar Saga (Menace)0/547318
Mario Kart Advance (Eurasia)0/5 7,444
Mario Kart Super Circuit0/5596013
Mario Party Advance0/517942
Mario Party Advance0/5 1,750
Mario Party Advance0/5 2,33,985
Mario Pinball Land0/532558
Mario Power Tennis0/5 9,126
Mario Tennis Advance – Power Tour0/586900
Mary-Kate And Ashley – Sweet 16 – Licensed To Drive0/52032