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LEMON LIST: The Top 5 Worst Cars To Buy In 2020 

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With the availability of the many car brands on the market, it is a difficult decision for the buyer to make a choice from the car to buy. If you analyze the situation by researching your desired car online, the company will give you hundreds of statements that this car is the best choice for you.

Despite this warm response from the companies to get you excited to buy their car, remember that “all glitter is not gold”. Several car brands in the market are useless to buy and just a waste of money. These cars have been included in the lemon list because of their malfunctioning and the failure of competitive features. Let’s take a look at the top 5 worst cars to buy in 2020.


Despite the beautiful design of the car and its attractive appearance, this car has failed drastically in the car market with no revenue and sales. Lemon is the main car vehicle and the identity of the company Citroën. But apart from these facts, the car has turned out to be a flop in the market in terms of sales.

The company was not able to sell even 50 cars of this model in a month. The sales ratio has gone to about zero and is proving to be a disaster for the company.

Customers did not want this car because it did not meet their desired needs. This is the reason for including this car in the lemon list of worst cars in 2020.


Volvo is a world famous Swedish car brand known for its design of the superior automotive technologies. Styling and drive are ok, but the reliability factor is questionable.

Despite still lower reliability, Volvo ranks among the top companies in terms of sales and revenue. Anyway, the price of this car has dropped from $80k to $30k, which seems less competent in the market. That’s why Volvo is also on the lemon list of worst cars to buy in 2020.

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Jaguar is a popular luxury car brand that belongs to the British. The Jaguar sports car has been hit hard by the Ford company in terms of its competition. Moreover, this car is also hit hard in terms of sales in India.

Customers doubt the reliability and support of this car and prefer not to buy this car because it is extremely expensive. The sales margin of this car has decreased since 2016. Now it evolves into a risky situation where the sales proceeds can reach a disastrous point. That’s why it’s included in this list of the worst cars of 2020.


Peugeot has become a joke brand for the public. The sales margin of this car is negligible along with no reliability factors. The trade-in value of this car is rubbish, as nobody likes it anymore these days.

However, the styling is beautiful. But compared to the Japanese and Korean car brands, this European brand car is no match for these two giant innovative companies. European people have to make these changes to be competent in the market.

For these reasons, Peugeot has been included in the lemon list of worst cars to buy in 2020.


The name suggests a countless number, but the company can’t even sell 1000 cars a year. Lack of attractive appearance, poor design and incomplete functions are the main points that represent this car.

The price of this car in 2014 amounted to almost 90 thousand dollars and has fallen to 27 thousand dollars. So you can imagine how bad it is to even think about purchasing this car.

These are the 5 worst cars to buy in 2020 that deserved to be included in the lemon list.


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