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How to convert AIFF to MP3 and why? 

There are many reasons why people convert AIFF to MP3 daily. Number one on everyone’s list is probably the lack of compatibility of the AIFF file format. At the same time, the fact that the MP3 file with the same amount of data is up to four times smaller than that with an AIFF extension is also a great asset. But before the whole story about the right reasons to convert AIFF to MP3, let’s get to the basics first and talk a little more about the AIFF file format.

What is an AIFF file?

Figure 1A file format that allows for studio-quality audio recording and playback is known as Audio Interchange File Format or AIFF. It was created specifically for Apple computers by Macintosh in response to commonly known WAV files. AIFF file format provides options for sample rate and bit depth just like WAV file format, meaning the AIFF file records the audio waveform as accurate samples and slices. It also uses PCM (plus code modulation) to provide the highest audio recording quality. This type of file stores data in an uncompressed lossless format, which means there is no loss of quality at all, just pure audio perfection.

Like any other lossless uncompressed file format, AIFF also offers the ultimate listening experience, making it perfect for musicians, producers and those trying to become one. It does not compromise the quality of music in any way, which is why the AIFF format usually comes in a large file size.

So for artists who make music and send audio files to the studio for further overdubbing or mixing, this type of file format is the right one. However, there must also be a copy in another file format, such as WAV. The main reason for this is the AIFF’s lack of compatibility with some existing audio apps and programs. If there is no option to make a copy of a file in another format, there are always ways to convert files from AIFF to MP3, or AIFF to WAV, or AIFF to another audio file format.

Before converting AIFF to MP3, let’s talk about the why part

In addition to the lack of compatibility already mentioned, AIFF files come in an uncompressed lossless format, which means they take up a lot of storage space. It makes them harder to “carry around” and transfer over the Internet. For example, if there is a need to transfer audio files via email, the AIFF file format is not an option, but MP3 is. Therefore, an AIFF file is usually converted to the MP3 file format, especially among non-professionals.

image5If there is a need for audio editing, there are also some tools that do not support the AIFF file format. In that case, it often happens that AIFFs are converted to a more popular file format such as WAV. Both file formats are similar when it comes to sound quality and features, but one is supported by more different software.

aiff to wavBut AIFF audio files can be converted to other file format categories, such as archive. They are often converted to ZIP or RAR file formats, making them easier to transfer. In the end, it all comes down to choosing the right file format based on a file’s need and purpose.

Different Ways to Convert AIFF to MP3

There are a few ways to convert AIFF to MP3, and these are the two best. Firstly by using Music on Mac computer and secondly by using the free and online AIFF converter.

Convert AIFF to MP3 on Mac

As mentioned before, AIFF file format is mostly used on Apple computer systems. It means that there is a way to convert any AIFF to MP3 using programs and apps that Apple supports. This time, the easiest and fastest way to convert AIFF to MP3 on Mac is by using the Music app.

After launching the Music app on the Mac, users need to search for: the preferences option in the Music menu and then click the Files option.

Next, the user must choose: the import settings option.

The popup will appear many where users will be given the option to choose the file format for their audio and confirm their choice by pressing the Okay knob.

The last step is to choose a song from the library, then File, To convertand To create (format) Version.

Convert AIFF to MP3 online and completely free

Another great way to convert AIFF to MP3 is to do it online. There are plenty of free AIFF converters that can transform any AIFF file to MP3 in moments. However, some of them require personal information to be left in order to carry out the conversion. Fortunately, that is not the case with aiffconverter.com – a free and online tool.

aiff converterThere are a few reasons to convert AIFF to MP3 with: aiffconverter.com. The first is the fact that the only condition for its use is a stable internet connection. No additional plug-ins or additional software downloads are required.

Moreover, not only every AIFF to MP3 conversion is free with this tool, but also with the best possible quality. There are no restrictions when it comes to the number of conversions, which makes this converter the one with unlimited file conversions.

makers of aiffconverter.com tried their best to make AIFF converter with great user experience. In addition, all uploaded data will be deleted within an hour of conversion. It makes this tool one of the safest out there.

How to Convert AIFF to MP3As mentioned before, this tool is easy to use. There is a three-step process that allows users to convert AIFF to MP3 in just a few moments. The first step is to upload the AIFF file. The next one is conversion and the last one is downloading converted files. The whole process looks like this:


Ultimately, regardless of whether the AIFF file format is used on a daily basis or only on certain occasions, there are several ways to convert it to another file format if you need to. For additional storage space, convert AIFF to MP3 or any archive file format, and for better compatibility with Windows apps and programs, convert AIFF to WAV. One of the easiest ways is to do it online with a reliable AIFF converter, but it can also be done directly on Mac.


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