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Best Green Watches For Men 

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Fashionable men love their green watches. Some love them just for their aesthetic appeal, while some attach a deeper meaning to the color. In each case, watches with green dial for men look attractive on the wrist and evoke opulence. They are also known to go with most outfits, so you can always go for a green wristwatch if you want something versatile.

Whatever your reason for wanting a green men’s watch, it’s important that you buy a quality watch. It is always important to go for the very best your money can afford. But how do you recognize the best among the many watches from different brands? The secret is to identify a top watchmaker and pick some of their best watches.

Best Green Watches for Men from Filippo Loreti

Want the best of the best in the world of green dial mens watches? Here are our top picks from your favorite designer, Filippo Loreti:

Odyssey Two Tone Green Link 2020 Edition Green Men’s Watch

It’s hard to find a chronograph watch that looks as good as this and sells for such a ridiculously affordable price as this. Actually, it is impossible to find a watch of this class for the price that Filippo Loreti is asking to produce this trendy watch for you.

There are several reasons for choosing this watch, but the aesthetic appeal will be the most motivating factor for many. The light green dial has three interesting wheels with the chronograph minute hand, the chronograph second hand and the 24 hour hand. The advanced chronograph functionality is also a big factor that should convince you to opt for it.

Odyssey Moss Rose Gold Rubber Mens Green Watch

If you have a thing for the color green, this is one of the coolest watches you can buy right now. It is a casual green dial that also has an interestingly beautiful green strap. Even more interesting is the fact that this watch has an advanced chronograph function.

The Odyssey Moss Rose Gold Rubber watch looks very different from the average gold and green watch you are used to. It is gold rimmed with gold chronograph pushers and crown. You will also find golden details in the green dial. The integrated rubber strap makes it look as simple as possible, but if you have a good eye for quality watches, you will appreciate it. The watch is also very affordable.

Okeanos green steel link men’s green watch

For classic men who don’t care about fanciful watches, this is one of the best green wristwatches out there for you. You can easily fall in love with this watch because of its simple design. The only aesthetically pleasing thing about it is the green dial. Everything else looks regular.

Despite the simple design, the Okeanos Green Steel Link watch is a sturdy and high-quality watch. Like all Filippo Loreti watches, it is made of the right materials and has quite a few important features. It is also built to last. The sapphire-coated mineral glass is scratch-resistant, keeping the watch looking good after years of use.

Okeanos Rose Gold Green Link 2020 Green Mens Watch

For many reasons, this is the watch of choice for real men who want green gold watches that exude class. It has a very simple yet impressive design that evokes opulence. The gold-rimmed dial is a deep green, with the harmonious date of the month window being the only obvious standout.

Don’t be fooled by the simple design of this watch – it’s everything a classic man needs and more. It is a water resistant watch (up to 100 meters) and has a rotating bezel that measures dive time and depth effectively. Thanks to the luminous details, you can also read the time in a dimly lit environment.


We have only recommended four green Filippo Loreti men’s watches. We know that these watches are the best because they are not mass produced like others but are made according to confirmed orders from customers. They are also sold directly to customers, eliminating any problems with middlemen.

You can choose one or more from this collection or browse further before making a decision. If you want to see other options from your favorite watchmaker, check out the collections on their official website.


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