Best GBA Emulators for iPhone in 2020

Some of the very best games ever released were for game consoles, and one of the most popular was the Gameboy, in all its variations. When we could install jailbreaks easily, playing those Gameboy games like Pokemon on the iPhone or iPad was easy – all you did was download a game emulator.

Even though jailbreaking is not an option for most people these days, you’ll be pleased to know that you can still download those emulators and get right back into gaming on your iPhone or iPad.

Top Three Gameboy Advance Emulators:

There are loads to choose from, but we think these are the very best. They are all free to use, so take your pick and enjoy.


Developed by Riley Testut, GBA4iOS is undoubtedly the most popular GBA Emulator ever released. It is dead simple to install, has a user-friendly interface, and provided excellent mimicry of the GBA and GBC screen consoles. It is a small program, taking just over 12 MB of space on your device and the latest version is 2.1.1.

Up until 2013, GBA4iOS was available in the app store because Testut added in an iOS Enterprise certificate and made it, so the emulator didn’t require a jailbreak. Sadly, Apple patched the loophole in July 2013, shutting the app out of the store. However, a bit of tweaking means we can still use it – anther loophole simply requires the user to change the app date, and it will work. If you do not want to go all through that, you can simply download the Altstore App using your computer and get GBA4iOS from there.


  • Supports GBA and GBC gaming
  • Cloud storage for saving game files
  • Synchronize Data feature
  • Supports unlimited cheat code use
  • Several controller skins
  • Multiplayer online gaming
  • Online Battles
  • Supports both Airplay and Wi-Fi


  • iPad Air, Air 2
  • iPad Mini 1, 2,
  • iPod Touch 6th Gen
  • iPhone 5 to 7 Plus inclusive
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad 3, 4

HappyChick Emulator:

HappyChick is very different because it supports multiple consoles. So if you want games like Super Smash on other platforms, as well as GBA, HappyChick is the app for you. It is a much larger app, requiring 2 GB RAM size to run but only 56.5 MB of space on your device. Again, no need for a jailbreak because the app was tweaked for acceptance by the certification policies Apple has in place. Once you have downloaded it, all you have to do is trust the app in your iOS settings, and you are good to go.


  • Multiplayer online battles/trades
  • Play on Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Support for Cloud storage
  • Support for 18 consoles
  • Utilises one of the largest database systems
  • Customisation options included
  • Save states and Sync options
  • Cheat codes supported


  • Any iPad, iPhone, or iPad Touch on iOS 10 or higher

Delta Emulator:

Another offering by Riley Testut, Delta emulator takes just over 40 MB space on your device and is easy to install and use. Again, thanks to a bit of ingenious tweaking behind the scenes, Delta is accepted by Apple as it meets the certificate trust conditions, and you don’t need to install a jailbreak either. It works much like GBA4iOS but with more features and supports higher iOS versions than GBA4iOS.


  • Supports GBA, GBC, and SNES gaming
  • Dropbox synchronization
  • Cheat code support
  • Wi-Fi support
  • Console skins included
  • Works on all iOS versions
  • Supports Airplay
  • Save stats
  • Regular updates
  • iCloud support for syncing


  • iPad Air, Air 2
  • iPad Mini 1, 2, 3
  • iPod Touch 6th Gen
  • iPhone 5 to 7 Plus inclusive
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad 3, 4

Choosing an emulator app will depend entirely on you and what you are looking for from your gaming experience. All of these emulators offer fantastic features, none of them require a jailbreak, and they are all free to use. If you want to play games on consoles other than the Gameboy, HappyChick is your best bet as it supports 18 consoles, including GB/GBA/GBC, N64, PSP, PS1, and many others.

Before you start using any of them, though, there is one thing you need to do – trust the certificate. When you tap the emulator icon on your home screen, the first thing you will see is an untrusted developer error. That just means Apple doesn’t know who the developer is and can’t let you play until they are trusted. Here’s how to do that:

How to Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

  1. Make a note of the developer name for each emulator – you will see it on the error message
  2. Now open your iOS settings app and tap on General
  3. Go into Profiles and Device Management and find the developer name
  4. Tap it, tap Trust, and close settings
  5. Now you can enjoy your emulators.

You know what? If you are a fan of console gaming, it really won’t matter which emulator app you choose – you are guaranteed plenty of excitement and fun. Make your choice, and enjoy your gaming!


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