5 Best Resources to Study for Microsoft AZ-301 Exam. Can Exam Dumps Be Helpful?


Do you know what are the everyday duties of Azure solution architects? These professionals are charged with the responsibility of translating business needs into solutions that are scalable, secure as well as reliable. And they can only do this if they have top-notch and modern skills because this field of technology is changing very fast. To help specialists get this current knowledge, lots of global companies offer different certifications and Microsoft is among these vendors.

Microsoft is a tech firm offering training solutions to those who wish to attain high-level skills in respective IT fields.One of these is the Azure architect design areatargeting Azure solution architects. Microsoft provides a number of credentials in this sector from entry to expert-level. And to become an expert in this cloud platform as well as its technologies, one should pass AZ-300 and AZ-301 exams. This post aims at giving you the best resources to use in preparing for the last mentioned test. But first, let’s consider its important details.

More About Exam AZ-301

The prerequisites for Click Here to Learn more on Exam-Labs Link AZ-301 exam include experience in various technical areas touching on Azure. Candidates need in-depth knowledge in areas such as virtualization, networking, identity, business continuity, security, data management, disaster recovery, budgeting as well as governance. 

Their role involves the ability to manage how decisions made in each of these areas affect the overall goal. These professionals must also be conversant with Azure development, Azure administration, and DevOps.Before taking AZ-301 exam, candidates will have passed AZ-300 test, which is the first one needed for the expert badge. 

Firstly, you’ll have to register for the assessment with a fee of $165. Certbolt Dumps AZ-301 exam will have 40-60 questions to be taken in 150 minutes. And their formats vary as they can have build lists, active screen, best answer, case study, review screen, short answer, and multiple choice. Attaining a score of least 700 out of 1000 qualifies you for the certification. 

To get the highest marks, you need to pay attention to preparation. One of the things that will determine what you achieve is the type of resources you use to explore the tested topics. Read further to know which are the best ones to use in this case.

5 Best Resources to Study for Exam AZ-301

Various platforms have created test prep materials to aid candidates who wish to gain great results. However, it’s best not to fall for any of them. You need to do a thorough background check to determine if the option you are considering is worth your time and finances. But with the list we’ve compiled below, you can be sure to navigate this process with ease. Here are the resources:

  • Microsoft website

Every exam has conditions to be met before you can take it. They include knowledge of specific topics and the required level of experience. You also must be familiar with the policies governing the exams. The official Microsoft website not only provides such kind of guidance but also ensures you are fully aware of the exam structure and the resources you can use to study for the test. This is a great source of information with the following learning resources recommended:

  • Free online courses,
  • Instructor-led courses,
  • Microsoft exam AZ-301 study guide.
  • LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is another best resource to study for the exam. It offers thecourses that will help you gain skills that will guide you in the topics, put you in the exam mood, and also will assist you to be visible to your potential employers among other candidates in the job market. One of their variants is the Microsoft Azure Architect Design course by Charles Pluta.

  • Exam-labs.com

If you need a unique method to prepare for your test, then you need to consider exam dumps. Exam-labs.com is a trusted platform with various materials for studies. Using these dumps, you’ll have a chance to discover how questions and answers are designed on the main assessment. But the advantages of AZ-301 exam dumps go beyond this. While practicing with them, you will find out what difficult areas you should improve, how to use your time well, and how you can build an effective answering strategy.

Since the questions are presented in the form ofete files, you need the ETE Exam Simulator. So, make sure you download it and then enjoy practicing in the near-real exam environment.

You can begin with free exam dumps and from there, it will be wise to acquire the Premium Bundle at $59.99. This Exam-labs’sbundle contains 226 questions, a study guide with 117 pages, and a detailed video course having 128 lectures. 

  • Amazon.com

This is another best approach to study for the exam. Amazon.com gives you access to study guides with invaluable material for the exam. Some of the options include:

  • Exams AZ-300 & AZ-301 study and lab guide
  • Azure solutions architect study guide 
  • Microsoft AZ-301 exam preparation guide
  • YouTube

Almost all exam candidates usually opt for pre-recorded video tutorials as they give them the opportunity to study whenever they wish. The kind of content offered by YouTube and how it’s presentedmakes learning interesting. And the best part about this is the ability to pause the videos when necessary and continue later. Here are some of the courses you can use:

  • Mastering the Azure AZ-300 & AZ-301 exams webinar
  • AZ-301 exam prep


Getting certified in Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert is what most IT professionals look forward to. They know the value this credential is going to add to their existing qualifications.

The secret to passing its AZ-301 exam is in implementing what you learn. It makes no sense to just study topics that you won’t be able to implement. Follow the right course while preparing: use reliable exam dumps and other materials from the sources listed above, and you’ll succeed in the assessment with ease.Make a difference in your resume by ensuring you pass the exam soon!